Custom Kitchen PODS

Tecstar Mobile Kitchen PODs can be designed to your exact needs and specifications.

Made of the lightest and strongest materials in the industry, they’re 8’ wide and scalable in length which allows you to include everything you need for your ultimate kitchen build.

While steel shipping containers are sometimes used for this application, the industry no longer allows used containers to be used for food service. Steel containers are heavy and limited in where they can be placed. They need to be physically reconfigured and brought up to code for insulation standards before any actual manufacturing begins which adds significant expense to your project.

Given all of this, Tecstar Mobile Kitchen PODs are clearly the better choice.

  • Lightest and strongest building materials in the industry
  • Fully custom floor plans
  • NSF materials and equipment
  • Highest Quality Building Materials
  • Variety of Service Windows
  • Self-Closing Window Options
  • Efficient Electrical Usage
  • Climate Controlled
  • Code Compliant Plumbing and Electrical
  • Available in lengths of 16′, 20’ and 24’

Kitchen Pod Gallery

The photos below are representative of our pod models. Click on photo to view full size.


Select Your Model

Tecstar offers the following mobile kitchen models for you to choose from.
Whether it’s food trucks, concession trailers, or kitchen pods, you’re sure to find the right solution for your needs. Make a selection below.

Food Trucks

Concession Trailers